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A conservative, consistent approach that has safely earned 10.5% + annually in UP or DOWN markets utilizing our exclusive

S & P 500 Income System©


2017 returns--- +16.66 %  (another great year of real income with real safety!)

2016 returns--- + 15.1 % !

2015 returns--- + 9.05 %

2014 returns--- + 17.9%

2013 returns--- + 32.2 %


Dear Fellow Retiree/Middle Class Investor:


Here's why and how the RETIREMENT INCOME TIMER group came into being and why it's so important for you to know about our S & P 500 Income System©. We're a small group of real-world investors with over 30 years of investing experience. We realize the marketplace is flooded with investment sites, but we also realized that we were offering something unique that you should be taking advantage of to be sure your retirement is successful in two dimensions: wealth and health. So many of today's retirement plan services are modeling a retirement plan that can't go beyond age 95 because that's where the software stops. But your life is certainly not going to stop there, not with the information we're going to make available to you. You're going to need a retirement plan services professional with software that can model to age 150--or beyond. That's why it's imperative you understand what we've put in place to help you enjoy an incredible wealth/health goal for retirement: to make your retirement  plan services goals a reality.

Never forget: CNBC stated that nearly 50% of retirees will outlive their nest eggs!

We're glad to give you a totally free 30 day trial period to review the S & P 500 Income System©. We're confident you'll be glad as well. Because you'll learn secrets about the new retirement paradigm that most people and the retirement plan services they're counting on will never know. Let's get started---

The U.S. government declared war on the American middle class in 2006 when increasingly greater funding was needed to pay for ill-advised social programs and the huge tax breaks bestowed on major U.S. "crony capitalist" corporations; as a result of government manipulations, housing prices began declining. And in 2012, they reached new lows, causing a major credit crisis. As a result , the entire financial structure of the United States was threatened.

  • The "big boys" were, as we have often heard, "too big to fail." So they were bailed out to the tune of trillions of dollars. But the U.S. Treasury also had to be bailed out and that was done by holding down interest rates to minimize government debt repayment. Of course this meant anyone depending on a fair cost-of-living adjustment to their retirement or pension plan (think Social Security, military retirees, etc.) was going to get shafted. How badly?
  • Look at the last 5  years. The 2013 Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) was 1.7%, the COLA for 2014 was 1.5 % and for 2015: 1.7%. And for 2016: NO COLA INCREASE! And, shockingly, for 2017 Uncle Sam has announced a whopping .03% increase! On an $1800 benefit payment, that's a $5.40 increase!  I think we can all agree that's a joke. The excellent website, using the inflation table the government used back in 1980 (when a true basket of consumer goods was used), estimates a current rate of real inflation around 9.5%. 

It's been great for Uncle Sam: take all the money not paid out in COLA increases and use it to fund the top 1% or those living on government handouts. Were you in either of those groups? Unfortunately, neither were we. And for the American middle class, it was the financial kiss of death as we had lots and lots of money to be siphoned off but no political protection. End of story---except for those, like you, who have discovered the S & P 500 Income System©.


This manipulation helped the politicians with another growing problem: how to keep paying off the ever-increasing bloc of people in America who vote for a living. If you can give them someone else's money so they can avoid working, then you will get their vote--and their children's-- and their children's children ad infinitum. It was a huge windfall if you were among the top 1% economically or living on government handouts. But for the middle class, it was the beginning of the end for 'buy and hold' investing because it subsidized the "too big to fail" banks and allowed them to borrow for nothing and gamble wildly in the financial markets, initiating the new era of wildly fluctuating markets that are pure death to buy and hold investors. In addition,  by driving interest rates so low, the government pumped up the housing market bubble and freed up a lot of home equity that was borrowed and spent and along with the Treasury's multi-billion dollar pump into the bond markets every month. It has helped fuel the markets---but for how much longer? And why haven't most  groups offering retirement plan services figured this out when helping you plot your future?


Think about Greece. Greece is a microcosm for the future of the world economic system as the developed world watches its financial infrastructure collapse from terminal debt. Greece is flat broke and will never be able to pay its bills. Why? Because corrupt and incompetent politicians transferred their nation's wealth from those who worked for a living to those who voted for a living; by some estimates, around 56% of people employed in Greece worked for the government. And their average retirement age was 57.8 years. Their exorbitant and undeserved pensions sucked the financial heart right out of Greece. But all these slackers voted as they were told and the goodies kept flowing. Until they didn't. Some Greeks survived because they had diversified into other assets, including gold, which continued to hold their value as their currency and economy evaporated.

What about British---think Brexit--- and the Italians and French as well. The European Union may be about to dissolve.The taxpayers of the world have finally realized how desperate the situation is and they're preparing to do something about it. To survive no matter what and insure their and their loved ones' financial futures.

And, more recently and disturbingly, the city of Dallas, TX is having a run on its terribly mismanaged police and firefighters' pension fund; the fund could be out of money  by early 2017 and withdrawals by retirees are currently being restricted. Are you ready for this new world of collapsing financial certainty and ready to take personal charge of your finances to guarantee this will never happen to you? 

For the next 15-20 years, according to a number of experts, we can expect turmoil in the financial markets as the central bankers, government bureaucrats and other financial "elites" interfere continually with the markets in an attempt to keep their "global economy" economy afloat. Just look at the market fluctuations of 2016 and realize this is the future. Are you ready for it?  RETIREMENT INCOME TIMER will make sure the goals your retirement plan services folks have put together for you will continue to be met---regardless of market volatility and low interest rates.

How? Simple. We see this new cycle of abrupt market swings as a great opportunity. Why? We are market timers who have an elegant suite of indicators to make sure you keep your portfolio successfully timed to market conditions. You'll be in a highly diversified portfolio of stocks when they're going up, in cash when they're going sideways and  making money when they're going down! In other words, we'll solve your 2 most desperate problems  regarding your financial future: running out of money and earning a livable rate of return on your investments.


Don't believe us? Think about this: 

Several foreign countries have already instituted NIRP (Negative Interest Rate Programs) and it appears to be headed to the U.S. in the near future as the government continues to deal with its monstrous, unpayable debt. The biggest hindrance will be money market funds; these funds will be paying a steady (albeit very low) rate of positive interest which will keep investors uninterested in government securities. So the government must counteract their effect and the online broker Charles Schwab may have given us the first clue how this will be done.

Schwab started informing some of its customers that "between June and October, 2016, Schwab will update the cash feature on your account(s) from the current retail prime or municipal money market fund sweep to the Schwab Government Money Fund" which "will invest at least 99.5% of its total assets in cash, U.S. government securities and/or repurchase agreements that are collateralized fully by cash and/or U.S. government securities; under normal circumstances, at least 80% of the fund's net assets will be invested solely in U.S. government securities including repurchase agreements."  

This will have the effect of driving the trillions of dollars currently in  money market funds to government securities held by the banks, which will then be expected to lend freely and hopefully cause enough spending to start stimulating the economy. And people will probably choose to spend because if they just leave their money in the bank they will be charged to have the banks hold it---negative interest! That's crazy. That's NIRP. And it's on the way.

But don't worry. You won't have to face this dilemma alone. We've been preparing for this scenario for quite some time and have the financial tool you will need to survive ready to go. Yes, you will be able to create livable, spendable income that will support you and your family in the style you expect. The S&P 500 Income System© is available now.  You will never have to pay someone to hold on to your cash--we promise. And you won't have to face retirement without a livable income.




THE S&P 500 Income System©

Simply put, it's a way to effectively follow in the footsteps of the mega-investors, the "black boxes," who establish the market trends  because, due to their massive size and influence, they ARE the market. What's this powerful tool---once only available to only the most sophisticated and affluent investors? It's market timing. Every financial market fluctuates and market timing is the tool professional investors use to exploit these fluctuations for steady profits. That's why major brokerage firms, pension plans, insurance companies and other major players hire professional portfolio managers to make sure they have their money in the right securities at the right time. In other words, like the old adage goes, "the trend is your friend." And the intermediate-term trend is the one we follow and will show you how to follow along  with us. It's the very profitable "wake" that the mega-investors leave behind as they create up trends and down trends in the market by investing or withdrawing massive sums of investment dollars.

Let's face it, with 50% of today's stock trades being generated by sophisticated computer programs it's no longer you versus other investors; it's you versus millions of dollars of computer hardware and software as well as the geniuses who operate them. Trust me, the 'big boys' aren't spending all that time and money  on market timing because it doesn't work. But don't worry, we're going to make sure they reveal every profitable move they make--- so you can make money right along with them. This will make them hate you  because they want to crush you financially, not have you hire them for less than a dinner for two at a decent restaurant!

But if you don't mind being hated,  they won't be able to stop you as you ride their coattails---as they get richer, so will you!

This ability to mimic the "black boxes" is your survival tool in a totally new financial era we have entered, one never seen before: an era of wild fluctuations and manic swings due to day traders, hedge fund traders, high-frequency traders, too-big-to-fail banks and various other big-money manipulators.  And one thing's for certain: there's going to be plenty of chaos to go around in the financial markets for many, many years to come. "Buy and hold" will be the ultimate risk for anyone trying to maintain their lifestyle and perhaps pass on an inheritance. Frantic boom/bust cycles will be the order of the day and if you're not flexible, liquid and armed with the right insider knowledge---and able to make money when the market is going down as well as up--- growing and protecting your assets will be increasingly difficult, no matter how well your retirement plan services program is positioned.

One of the biggest problems for buy-and-hold investors is the amount of risk they're exposed to. But you're already painfully aware of that if you were caught in either of the 2 drops of 50% the S&P 500 experienced since 2000. (If you were caught in both of these crashes and want an easy, effective way to protect your retirement income, click here so you'll never be in that position again!). Just think if you'd switched your portfolio into stocks around October of 2007, when the S&P 500 was at about 1500. By holding onto your stocks through the ensuing bear market, you'd have lost around 55% of your portfolio's value. It would have taken you until about March of 2013 to recoup your losses.

On the other hand, think how powerful it would have been to know it was time to switch into cash and wait out the bear. Or, better yet, make money as the market continued its plunge. No sleepless nights; no heart-breaking losses. And then, when the bull market started up again around March of 2009, you could have gotten back into the market with your account value intact (or maybe even larger!) and ready to grab handfuls of profits on the entire  amount as the market began it's next big move up.

Consider this: you move $100,000 from stocks to cash in October 2007. In March of 2009, you move back into stocks and ride the S&P 500 all the way from about 700 up to 1500 by around February of 2013. That's a 114% profit in a little under 4 years. Your account is now worth $214,000 (unless your profited on the downside and moved back in with those juicy extra profits--in which case your account is now even bigger!).

Did you do that well???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Or were you one of those investors who kept hearing "buy and hold" and so you kept holding and holding and holding. All the way down to an S&P 500 of around 700. Then, as you kept holding, the S&p 500 rose to around 1500 by February of 2013 and you got your money back. Your account was again worth $100,000. But it took several years. Do you have that kind of time? Would you have felt better having a $214,000 account? That's where timing the market to participate in profitable, established trends becomes so important, along with protecting profits by remaining in cash during periods of uncertainty.

You could have done much better than even our first investor by using our conservative, proven system that keeps you in the market when it's going up and in cash when it's consolidating (just slopping around with no well-defined up or down trend). However, you could have done much, much, much better than our first investor by supercharging your portfolio to make dramatic profits when the market was going down as well as up! RETIREMENT INCOME TIMER makes it easy and you keep all the extra money!


                                           YOUR NEW GOAL: A minimun 10.5+% PER YEAR  RETURN


  • make sure whatever retirement plan services you're using (broker, financial planner, bank, etc.), you will be adding an important tool you don't currently have to ensure you stay in control and can protect yourself by making good money when the market's going down
  • guide you down a path so well-marked that you can't stray from it
  • keep you liquid and diversified, while helping you reach your goal of a minimum return of 10.5 +% per year, which will double your money every 7 years
  • make sure you have no more sleepless nights or gut-wrenching days watching your portfolio evaporate before your very eyes
  • keep your funds available for emergencies with no expensive or prohibitive penalties--cash out at any time at the market price
  • keep you, not someone else, firmly in control of your core investments; no one will protect your wealth like you

RETIREMENT INCOME TIMER accomplishes this by blending 2 powerful concepts:

  • sophisticated technical indicators that tell us where the "big boys" are moving their money and--
  • Index ETFs which will allow you to invest like the "black boxes," including scooping up handfuls of profits when the market is going down!

That's right; now you'll have access to the the same tools as the "big boys," the "market movers," the "black boxes" or whatever you wish to call the hedge funds, pension funds, too-big-to-fail banks, mutual fund families, insurance companies and other multi-billion dollar players who really drive the direction of the markets. The trail they leave is clearly marked for those with the right indicators---indicators you will now be taking advantage of to follow the investment footprints the "black boxes" leave as they push their enormous buckets of money into the market over a period of time. They can't do it all at once or the market would spike or crater uncontrollably, creating chaos. Rather, they steadily feed their funds into the market  creating  an intermediate trend which can be followed consistently and profitably.

4  powerful commitments  RETIREMENT INCOME TIMER makes to you:

  • we'll share our proprietary, proven investment system with you, one designed to consistently and conservatively have you earning 10.5+%  per year or more in up or down markets
  • we'll give you a way to survive an otherwise bleak financial future of disastrously low interest rates, increasingly volatile periods of inflation and deflation and boom or  bust markets
  •  we'll make sure you stay liquid and diversified while remaining the steward of your own money--that's right, you'll be in charge of your money (because who's going to look out for it better?)  
  • we'll make sure your retirement plan services strategy has access to the "equalizer" to allow you to follow the "black boxes" by tracking their profitable footprints like a bloodhound; your retirement investing will be getting a lot easier and safer

But you're going to have to step up and make a commitment to us.  You don't have to like it, but you do have to do it--and right now!


That's the key: don't believe you can only make money in an up market; start understanding you can make great profits when the market's going down. And it's easier than you think. We love periods when the market is going down because the average investor is panicking and selling off his stock--- creating great "short" opportunities for the well-informed investor like you. And being an agnostic about market direction is all it takes. Don't follow your emotions--follow the money!

This ability and confidence to safely "short" the market will give you an immediate, huge advantage over your fellow investors: the ability to scoop up profits when the market is going down, down, down. Shorting simply means selling a security at one price, then buying it back later when it's gone down in value and selling it to someone for the difference. Professional investors do this all day, every day and now you'll be able to as well using our SH inverse ETF. You will no longer be held prisoner by the old notion of "buy and hold." You will no longer be making profits when the market goes up, but then giving them right back when it takes its next tumble (normally, when you can afford it least). This has always been a major drawback for retirement plan services strategies where individuals are concerned, but now we help you take advantage of tools that put the individual investor on equal footing with the institutions. 

Consider this: Nobel laureate Robert Shiller created an investment metric called CAPE (Cyclically- Adjusted Price to Earnings Ratio). Basically, it's an easy way to measure stock market value while taking into account business cycles and inflation. And, according to the most recent numbers,  CAPE's current levels are projecting a negative 1.3% per year real return on stocks for the next 10 years! That must be repeated: CAPE is projecting an average return on stocks of negative -1.3 % per year for the next 10 years based on their current over valuation from government pump priming in the trillions of dollars. 

  • Do you like those odds for retiring comfortably?
  • Do you like the thought of  retiring when your portfolio loses 30% or more?
  • Still going to send the kids to the school they've been counting on?
  • That trip around the world or just keeping enough income coming in to maintain your lifestyle---any chance of that? 
  • Do you still think "buy and hold" will help you retire in the style you have been looking forward to?

Being an agnostic simply means following the intermediate trend of the market; up or down doesn't matter, only that both directions mean profits for us as our indicators keep us following in the wake of the market movers and protect us from our emotions--

  • Emotions are a deal killer when it comes to investing in today's erratic markets. You're going to rely on impersonal, proven,  data-driven technical indicators that simply do their job--their only job--and power you along  in the wake of the "big boys" and their billions of market-moving dollars. Our indicators don't care a bit whether or not the market is going up or down, only that there's a strong, established trend that leaves a nice, juicy profitable footprint we can step into with our money.

Here's why emotion makes things difficult: consider the following 3 market assessments from leading experts:

  • "But for right now, I would say investors are very wary and there is definitely a concern that the economic recovery may not be as robust as we are expecting."
  • "Over the last 12 days, we have gotten very oversold--I would be buying into weakness."
  • "Earnings are behind us and the FED is set to pull the rug underneath most traders and stop the bond buying program, which will cause additional volatility  and range to the market in the next several months."

What do these statements have in common? They were all made on the same day. As Neils Bohr  famously said: "It's tough making a prediction, especially about the future."  How can you possibly decide what to do with your equity investments when even the experts can't agree on what lies ahead?


It's simple: find someone who has the tools to copy what the "black boxes" are doing so you can make money alongside them; don't worry about whether the market is going up or down, only that it's moving strongly in one direction or another (and if it's not, then sit safely in cash until the 'black boxes" tip their hand).

RETIREMENT INCOME TIMER gives a concise market update on Sunday evening so you"ll know what we're expecting for the coming week. And there will be at least two additional updates during the ensuing week so you always have a feel of what our indicators are telling us. We're not jumping in and out on a daily basis; we're following an intermediate term trend of several weeks or several months. We never chase the market, which can be dangerous and expensive (if you figure in all the small losses from whipsaws and commission charges).

We wait until a move is clearly underway before we get in. We never try to buy on the first day of a market move, or sell on the last day of a move. We more than make up for that sliver of missed opportunity with the extra profits we generate when the market is going down . Remember: unlike your friends and neighbors,  your portfolio will no longer be going up only when the market is going up--you will be increasing your wealth in down markets as well. And when there's uncertainty, you'll be waiting safely in cash. This will greatly enhance the effects of whatever general strategy you retirement plan services professional has put in place for you.

So, what's our weapon of choice on the financial battlefield of the future: a new kind of security called an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). Specifically, one called SPY and it's partner in profits SH. They represent the market capitalization of 500 large, diversified corporations with common stock listed on either the New York Stock Exchange or the NASDAQ. Most investors think of these indexes as possibly the best representation of  both the overall U.S. stock market and the U.S. economy. The "black boxes" do for sure. 

 SPY is an ETF that goes up in value as the S & P 500 goes up and SH is an ETF that goes up in value as the S & P 500 goes down . SH is called an inverse ETF because it makes you money when everyone else you know is losing money as the market is going down, down, down. It's an extremely powerful tool only recently available to individual investors and rarely offered by traditional retirement plan service arrangements. We'll show you how to put it to work so down markets become cash cows, not major financial setbacks.   

Let's take a minute and talk about these ETFs. They are exchange traded funds; they're similar to the mutual funds you are now buying for your retirement and investment accounts--but with 4 important differences.  (click here to get your FREE ETF vs. MUTUAL FUND report now)

  • ETFs are cheaper than most mutual funds
  • ETFs are subject to minimal taxation (not an issue if you're holding them in a tax-deferred account)
  • They will save you thousands-maybe tens of thousands- of dollars in management fees over many years of investing and----very importantly---
  • ETFs are traded like individual stocks so you can buy them or sell them any time during the trading day, not just at the end of the day like mutual funds

Think about that. You wake up in the morning, have your first cup of coffee and then hear there's been a devastating terrorist attack (think Wall Street or Paris).   The stock market is poised to drop hundreds, if not thousands of points in a single day. If you're in an ETF, you'll sell it immediately and go to cash to wait out the storm, whether our alert's been sent yet or not (unless our last timing signal already had you in cash). If you're in a mutual fund, you'll have to wait until the market closes at the end of the day to sell, probably suffering additional huge losses as investors continue to panic. Don't accept that. You stay in charge...  RETIREMENT INCOME TIMER will be there to help. We'll make sure you're always able to protect yourself no matter what.  You can go here and start protecting your retirement income now.

And while your ETF will also have experienced some kind of  loss (as would almost every investment  in that kind of a crisis), it would be much, much less than with a mutual fund which would continue to plunge all day. Plus, you'd be perfectly positioned to wait for the next signal we send out. Would it be to buy for an expected huge move back up once the crisis ended (SPY), or would it be to sell (by buying SH) in anticipation of a huge, portfolio-shattering move downward? Who knows; who cares? Remember, you're a market agnostic now; your decision will be defined by sophisticated technical indicators, not personal emotion. While those around you remain confused and uncertain, you'll begin raking in more profits. Investing successfully under any circumstances will become your new way of life---now that you've broken free of the restrictive, conventional thinking of most retirement plan service providers who are still living in the past.

Also, SPY keeps you well diversified amongst 500 different companies. That way, if some bad news about one of the companies causes it to take a major hit, the overall portfolio hardly feels it. And at the rapid rate of technology change,  getting blindsided is easy. There are new disruptive technologies springing up daily that could obliterate one of your stock holdings in the blink of an eye. Here's an example: recently biomedical engineering students at Washington University in St. Louis, MO 3-D printed a prosthetic arm for a 4-year old child at Shriners Hospital ; because 3-D printing is so inexpensive, the arm could be produced and sold to the hospital for $250; traditionally manufactured prosthetic arms would cost around $100,000--yes, you read that correctly. Would you want to be the proud owner of a lot of shares of stock in the manufacturer of the $100,000 device when this disruptive 3-D technology takes over the marketplace?     

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Do you have time, or interest, for something as demanding as doing daily battle with the "black boxes" and the geniuses they employ to crush you and other struggling investors?  Or would you rather spend what precious time you have with your family or pursuing more pleasurable goals. 

RETIREMENT INCOME TIMER will provide you the tools and the game plan to do just that.

And we really keep things simple for you. Here's an example of a frequent buy/sell sequence:

On Sunday, March 9th, 2014:

"Our indicators tell us a move to cash is appropriate. Therefore, on Monday, March 10 sell your shares of  SPY at the market open, move to a money market fund or other cash vehicle and be prepared to hold for the next buy or sell signal to be received."

Then, on Sunday, April 20th, you would have received the following:

"Our technical indicators have flashed a strong buy signal. Therefore, on Monday, April 21st, buy shares of SPY at the market open and be prepared to hold until a signal to return to cash is triggered."

And, on Sunday, July 6th, here's what you would have been instructed to do:

"Our indicators have turned negative; it's time to protect profits and move to cash and await our next signal. Therefore, on Monday, July 7th, sell your shares of SPY at the open and move completely to a money market or other cash vehicle."

 By following these simple instructions, you would have done the following:

Bought SPY @ $186.44 on April 21st and sold it on July 7th @ 195.91. That's a solid 5.1 % gain in 11 weeks.

Then you were safely back in cash.

Here's another example:

On Monday, April 6, 2015 we alerted members:

"----Go ahead and buy shares of SPY at the open tomorrow (April 7th) and be prepared to hold through the daily ups/downs that will no doubt occur"

SPY shares were purchased at $207.86/share the next morning.

Then, on Sunday, May 24th we told members: "---Sell SPY shares at the open on Monday (May 25th) and go to cash for the time being."

Members typically sold their SPY shares at $212.25 on Monday for a 2.1% gain. Then they moved safely to cash.

Yeah, I  know, it sounds awfully simple. The truth? It really is. We make it as easy as possible  for you to create a consistent, liveable income stream to make your retirement as enjoyable as you'd always imagined. We just stick to a proven, conservative formula that puts you in charge of your own money, and gives you an easy-to-follow plan that only requires you to take action occasionally --- you won't be tied down worrying about the market every day. 

But always remember that in investing there are no absolutes, no guarantees. Even though our system has been successful in both hypothetical back-testing and live trading since 2013, there is always the chance of losing money when you invest in the market. And we can't, and won't,  promise that using the RIT TREND TRACKER will completely eliminate that risk. But, because RIT stresses accepting only very small losses (while letting profits run), and leaves you fully in charge of your own money management, we feel it represents one of the sanest, safest approaches possible in the increasingly complex world of retirement investing. It's the perfect compliment to a well-rounded portfolio which might include real estate, gold, currencies, etc.



We're going to reveal it now, along with the premier organization of forward-thinking scientists and doctors who are making sure you won't run out of  health now that you have a plan not to run out of wealth. In Retirement Income Timer's view, you must have both to enjoy the retirement lifestyle you imagined.



This cutting-edge organization is leading the charge for extreme life extension. And not just to allow you to live longer--but to help you live a much, much healthier life. So long and healthy, in fact, that running out of money will be a real possibility. Can you imagine the irony of discovering you now are in control of your health to an extent never before imagined, that your timeline is pointing way north of 100 years, but you're going to run out of money because your assets are sitting in a bank earning a measly rate of return that's effectively 7% to 9% less than the actual rate of inflation as determined by But you've got lots of company: America's middle class. They,  like you, are doing what they've been programmed to do: "buy and hold" and hope for the best-- and they're losing their shirts when it comes to buying power--the real cornerstone of  future financial success. It's the fatal flaw in too much of the antiquated planning coming out of  traditional retirement plan services: they're still trying to solve tomorrow's problems with yesterday's solutions.   

But you're no longer prepared to do that; good for you. You're ready to take action and start relentlessly pursuing your goal of at least 10.5 % + returns annually. You will become a financial survivor. But along with that empowered financial strategy must come an empowered longevity strategy. Otherwise, you could end up like someone we're acquainted with. He has a 7-figure net worth. But he'd give it all up tomorrow to have had access to the cutting-edge health information you will now have access to vis-a-vis the good folks at Life Extension Foundation. Because he's tired of not being able to feed himself, wash himself or go to the bathroom without help. Also, he'd no doubt tell you how scared he is that he could actually run out of money because of the $7,500 a month the nursing home is charging. And with 10,000 baby boomers a day turning 65 and needing more and more health services, those costs are only going to continue straight up.

Continuing to drain his estate is his only option. The antiquated thinking of the folks at his retirement plan services company convinced him a long-term care policy was sufficient. Learn from him. Already, lots of folks who bought long-term care insurance a few years back (and thought the costs were never going to change) are seeing those premiums increase substantially. Is your income going to go up enough to keep covering those increases?  Believe me, the fellow we just mentioned would plead with you to find a safe, easy way to keep growing your income year after year. It's a matter of survival for you and your family. Don't believe me? Ask him.

Oops, sorry. Shouldn't have said that. Fact is, he can't talk either... But what he would say would be to do what he didn't do: take charge of your health utilizing amazing new technologies that most doctors haven't heard of. Technologies that can keep you out of a nursing home forever.

So, as a special thank you for visiting our site, we've arranged for you to begin your journey toward extreme, healthy life extension.  The Life Extension Foundation is making available to you a copy of the latest issue of their  monthly magazine,  Life Extension. Each issue is packed with the latest medical findings and innovative treatment protocols from around the world, enabling you to make medical choices based on up-to-the-minute breakthroughs that most doctors haven't heard of yet. As well, you will have a chance to review the latest, cutting-edge strategies for promoting and managing a wide variety of health concerns. This is information you might otherwise have to wait years to receive from conventional sources, but  is being offered to you completely free, so please take full and immediate advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Here's all you do: click here and you'll be taken to their site. Then go to the top left of the page. By clicking on the  MAGAZINE tab in the upper left, you will be able to browse the latest issues of their cutting edge magazine for free. Here you will be thrust into the heart of integrative medicine and learn how to access the latest scientific strategies for managing your health concerns (strategies most doctors aren't aware of !). And by clicking on the HEALTH tab, you will be able to research the latest information specific to your personal concerns----high blood pressure, cholesterol issues, etc. Accessing this state-of-the-art medical research will help you make sure that not only will your much-longer-than-anticipated retirement be financially secure, but that your health will remain at optimum levels. Wealth +Health= the only real retirement plan that matters.

In case you don't  know, LEF  has been a pioneer in funding and reporting the latest anti-aging research and integrative health therapies for more than 34 years. It funds research programs aimed at developing new anti-aging therapies and combating such age-related killers as heart disease, stroke, cancer and Alzheimer Disease. And its cutting-edge  work in the area of NAD+ is revolutionizing the field of anti-aging research. Why? Because studies have shown that NAD+ can aid in switching "off" the genes of aging, extend human life span, improve cognitive function and much more. They're the ultimate source for the very latest health and medical findings that will directly impact your successful retirement. Please get their information now. 

Or from your doctor in 10 years.

Your timing couldn't be more perfect. After visiting LEF, you'll know why the CEO of a major financial services firm recently said "The first person to reach age 150 has already been born. How do I talk to a client preparing to retire at 65 using the traditional model and with planning software that only goes to age 95? The financial model is broken." Why wait years and hope the folks you're counting on to provide your retirement plan services will "get it."  Retirement Income Timer will help you act now.


We've covered a lot of territory. Time to review and get down to it-- so you'll know whether you're in or you're out.

You're definitely out  if you:

  • are intrigued by fancy sites with lots of bells, whistles and  charts rather than a simple, proven system you control yourself for ultimate security
  • believe in sitting in paralyzed frustration when there are major market declines while your portfolio takes a massive hit requiring years to recover
  • think you can make an investment return that will reasonably support your lifestyle by leaving your money in a CD, money market or bank account
  • don't believe in diversifying to protect yourself
  • want to put your money in something that has no flexibility and from which you can't liquidate in case of an emergency without huge penalties
  • want to pay excessive brokerage and commission fees, not realizing how many thousands of dollars that can cost you over the long haul
  • want to continue using retirement plan services of one kind or another that are trying to solve tomorrow's problems with yesterday's solutions
  • are drawn to harebrained schemes promising to double your money overnight
  • want someone else, who will never care about your wealth, to be in charge of your money rather than yourself

But here are 14 reasons you should be in:

  • You want exclusive access to the S&P 500 Income System© which targets a minimum of 10.5 % investment gains annually to provide liveable income 
  • You're not looking for lots of bells, whistles, charts, graphs, etc.; we're not about fluff; we're retired investors like you who have learned the hard way how to successfully grow our money in the real world- - we've made the mistakes so you can concentrate on making the profits
  • You like the ease and safety of investing in one ETF at a time that keeps you invested in 500 major corporations for excellent diversification and safety
  • You understand that the market needs to be, and can be, effectively timed--so that you're making good money when the intermediate trend of the market is up, safely in cash when it's going sideways and preparing to scoop up juicy profits when the market is going down
  • You now understand that the safe, proven and profitable way to make enough money to live on is to follow in the wake of the huge, billion dollar players who have become the market (the big brokerage funds, insurance companies, hedge funds, too-big-to-fail banks, etc.)
  • You realize that any investment strategy will have occasional losses--but the key is to keep them very small while always allowing the profits to run
  • You like having a system that works extremely well with whatever plan your retirement plan services advisors have helped you put in place (IRA, 401(k), SEP, Profit Sharing, etc); after all, it's to everyone's benefit to have the core portion of you portfolio performing at 10.5+ % per year
  • You  realize that keeping money in accounts paying CD or money market rates while true inflation is running  around 9.5% is seriously eroding your buying power--the real measure of a successful retirement investing
  • You are concerned that $1,000,000 invested in a 1-year CD at 1.30%--currently a high rate--would return you a laughable $13,000--that's only about $1083 per month---before taxes!
  • So that in case of a major catastrophic event (or for any other reason), you can pull the trigger immediately and move safely to cash while you decide on your next move-- and will never be hit with any penalties for doing so
  • You want to  pay only the bare minimum in management fees by using an ETF to invest in, not the excessive fees many  mutual funds charge
  • You love creating  the opportunity to earn a relentless 10.5+ % year after year on your core equity investment position to anchor your retirement plan 
  • You like having an easy-to-use system that usually has you taking action conveniently only every few weeks from wherever you happen to be 
  • You are looking for a system that can be used inside of tax-deferred accounts as well; our system works like a charm in most IRA, 401(k), pension or profit sharing plans, SEPs, etc. so you can roll up the profits with total tax deferral for additional gains

NOTE: if your retirement plan or annuity doesn't allow these ETFs then don't wait;  find a retirement plan services custodian who will allow you to be in charge of your own money and inquire about rolling over your current retirement plan assets  to them today; don't remain stuck with limited choices. 

                                                                   WHEN IS THE TIME TO TAKE ACTION?

NOW!! Not after the next heartbreaking broadside to your retirement dreams.

Click here to take advantage of our current 31% discount on the membership price. You won't pay the normal $71  but only $49 per month--about the same as  dinner and the tip for 2 at a decent restaurant. A deep discount is also available on semi-annual and yearly memberships (but only until further notice).

For that you'll receive the following important 9 benefits:

  • THE FIRST 30 DAYS OF INFORMATION COMPLETELY FREE---let us show you exactly what you're new high-income financial future looks like
  • A complete suite of indicators that will allow you to follow the "black boxes" and implement the S & P 500 Income System©  to make sure you're a financial survivor who is generating enough income not only to live on in the coming financial whirlwind--but to actually grow your wealth
  • The peace of mind that can only come from knowing you have a plan in place that is simple, inexpensive, effective and flexible--that will make you money not only when the "black boxes" are pushing the intermediate market trend up, but also when they're pushing it down!
  • A brief market summary concerning the S&P 500 index every Sunday evening so you'll know exactly what to do for the coming week: stay in cash, go long the market (buy SPY) or go "short" a down-trending market (buy SH); our instructions are very succinct and extremely easy to execute
  • During the trading week, you'll receive a minimum of 2  updates so you're never out of the information loop ( usually Tuesday and Thursday evenings), more if there is tremendous flux in the marketplace---plus a Sunday commentary to position you for the coming week
  • Access to us at all times vis-a-vis phone, fax or email--all questions will be answered in 24 hours or less
  • A Members Only page that archives current and recent recommendations and analyses and addresses interesting questions raised by members that are not already addressed on the Q & A page
  • Occasional updates on life-extending products and strategies that will keep you years ahead of your doctor and your friends when it comes to planning a perfect blend of wealth and health for retirement
  • The opportunity to enjoy your dream retirement--not just dream about your retirement? 

All this for about the cost of a decent dinner for 2. Which do you think would be the better investment?  Please click here to start enjoying peace of mind now.


the RIT Investment Team


P.S. Don't forget, we're making 3 valuable reports available free as our way of saying thanks for your interest in becoming a member. If you didn't click to receive them above, please click here now.

Your first report covers "Why We Like ETFs vs. Mutual Funds." You will be totally informed as to the differences, both good and bad, between these two investment choices--but why we strongly favor ETFs.

Your second  report is titled "Our Take on Trusts."  Learn why trusts are a powerful planning tool for most  investors, not just the wealthy. And why they can be so important in managing your and your family's assets. Especially important is the last section, which talks about Medicaid Trusts, and how drawing one up now may save your estate in the future. Don't miss this!

                                                                                   Your third report, "How to Protect Against the Biggest Mistake in The History of Financial Planning,"  lays the foundation for our wealth/health approach to your financial future, and lets you see the big picture when it comes to achieving your retirement dream---not just  dreaming about your retirement!


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